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Access and Signup
I forgot my password access
I forgot my e-mail access
I'm trying to login but shows "e-mail or password" incorrect, why?
I don't have access to my e-mail, or it's a fake e-mail, or I made a mistake, how can I recover my password?
User account
How to delete my account?
I tried to delete my account, but it hasnít been erased.
How to change my password?
How to change my e-mail?
How to change or delete my profile photo?
How to add new photos to my profile?
I can't upload photos, why?
The GPS doesnít work correctly
My photo shows dark or black
Reports and contents
My account is blocked, why?
There is a person using my photo or a friend's photo
You've deleted one of my photos and I see others similar to mine, why?
Why is my photo marked as "too hot"? there is no nudity!
VIP premium access
I paid for VIP but it's not activated in my account.
I want to cancel/stop my VIP access
My question is not answered here
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